What the Diff for Open Source

We're sponsoring What the Diff to support open source projects and make them easier to maintain.

We at Beyond Code have our root in open source. We're using open source every day and we're contributing to open source with our own projects. That's why we know that maintaining these projects is hard work.

We want to make this easier for maintainers and contributors. That's why we're sponsoring open source projects with a free What the Diff plan.

Who qualifies for an open source sponsor slot?

Unfortunately, we can't sponsor every open source project as long as computing resources for AI are that damn expensive. That's why we're only sponsoring projects that meet the following criteria.

We sponsor projects, that:

  • Meet the open source definition
  • Are in active development and have regular commits within the past 3 months
  • Don't provide commercial versions or services around the project
  • Are not founded by a company
  • Don't pay core developers for working on the project
  • Have a track record (10+ contributors OR 100+ GitHub stars)

Support terms

  • The free account is only valid for the requested open source repository

If you think your project qualifies for a free What the Diff plan, please fill out this form.