Automated pull request descriptions

Spend your time on code, not on writing pull request descriptions.

What The Diff analyzes the code changes in the diff of your pull request and writes a description about everything that was changed. This makes it easy for reviewers to understand what the pull request is about speed up their review process.

The AI-written descriptions are the starting point for all other What The Diff features and make them possible.

Weekly reporting

Receive a weekly report with the highlights of the week. The report is written by the AI and includes a summary of the most important pull requests.

What The Diff can send the report to your team's Slack channel, to a manager via email or use a webhook to send it to a custom system.

Simply keep everyone involved without spending time on writing the report.

Summary notifications

You can configure What The Diff to send notifications when someone on your team creates a new pull request. The notification system supports Slack, email and custom webhooks.

With the help of the AI assistant, the notifications can be summarized in non-technical language or only include the most important information. Of course, the assistant can translate them to many languages so that a pull request description written in English can be summarized for team members who speak a different language.

Instant code refactoring

A lot of time is spent on code reviews with back and forth between the reviewer and the author - often about minor changes that could be done automatically.

Just comment on the lines of code that should be refactored with /wtd and describe the changes that you want. What The Diff will then suggest the changes in the pull request and you can accept them with a single click.

Changelog generation

Sharing changes of your project keeps everyone on the same page, especially when the changes include technical information but are understandable for non-technical people.

What The Diff ships with changelogs that you can share with anyone – or consume as a JSON feed. The changelogs are generated from selected pull request descriptions and the AI summarizes the changes in non-technical language.

See an example of the open source Expose client

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